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Amazing Air - how do we know it's there?!

Dr Sarah Bearchell stands against a perfect blue sky. She is looking quizzically at a multi-coloured children's toy windmill.

Audience Type: EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, SEN, Families

Audience Size: its more to do with the room size! A standard primary school hall is perfect.

Duration: 25-45 minute shows based on audience, 15 minute re-set time required

Topics: Forces, Materials and their Properties, Sound, Working Scientifically

We are told air is all around us, but how do we KNOW? Where is the PROOF?!


In this interactive show, we'll be working together to make some observations, then doing some experiments to touch, hear, see, smell and taste the air. We'll gather lots of evidence to prove that really is there!

This show was developed to work with a range of audiences. The participatory element ensures that everyone becomes a scientist!

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