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Fabulous Flyers

Audience Type: EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, SEN, Families

Audience Size: ideal = 30; maximum = 60

Duration: 25-45 minute workshops based on audience, 15 minute re-set time required

Topics: Forces, Materials and their Properties, Physical Processes, Working Scientifically

Check out my paper plane launchers! They are specially designed so you can see the mechanism, feel the vibrations and hear the motors.

In Fabulous Flyers, everyone is given a basic paper plane to test. Then we explore different designs, adjust the launch angle or the speed of launch. Everyone has the opportunity for multiple launches without the stress-point of throwing the plane themselves. 


Pupils learn why we can only change one variable at a time to ensure a fair test. This workshop is based on the test, modify, test idea and is guaranteed to be fun while learning.

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