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Five freeze-frames show a child launching a stomp rocket in a workshop

Audience Type: EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, SEN, Families

Audience Size: ideal = 30; maximum = 60

Duration: 25-45 minute workshops based on audience, 15 minute re-set time required

Topics: Forces, Materials and their Properties, Physical Processes, Working Scientifically

My rocket workshop!


For younger children and those with limited dexterity, our Stomp Rockets begin with a paper tube. Everyone else starts from a piece of paper! Children explore the launcher function to figure out how to build a functional rocket. Then we use the test-modify-test idea to explore improvements to their design. This is guaranteed to be an engaging and memorable session.

Depending on the group, we will explore fair tests and set the angle of launch and talk about controlling the force used to launch the rocket. We round up the session with a grand launch-off to see which designs travel furthest and try to work out why this is so.

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