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The Cloud Factory

Exciting science for pupils with special needs at The Big Bang Fair, NEC, Dr Sarah Bearchell makes bubbles in The Cloud Factory Show
EYFS, nursery, pre-school children enjoying a Cloud Shower, exciting science STEM,

Audience Type: EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, SEN, Families

Audience Size: ideal = 30; maximum = 60

Duration: 25-45 minute workshops based on audience, 15 minute re-set time required

Topics: Forces, States of Matter, Water Cycle, Physical Processes, Materials and their Properties, Working Scientifically

Venue: In this show I take the clouds to the audience. That means it works best when everyone is on the front row! This can be achieved with children sitting in a large arc. We will need to discuss how this works if you have a theatre set-up.

Due to dry ice delivery schedules, this show can only be performed Wednesday-Sunday.

Have you ever touched a cloud? In The Cloud Factory workshop you can touch, see and hear clouds as they are made from dry ice. They'll even smell and taste interesting when we add in some unusual laboratory reagents!


The Cloud Factory uses specially designed equipment so that visitors can get really close to the clouds in complete safety. The workshop ranges from the purely sensory to encompass states of matter and the scientific method - all with the aim of making our clouds bigger and better!

You'll get some fabulous photos for sharing with families and to remind pupils of the work we did together. One headteacher saw the faces of his pupils and exclaimed "awe and wonder!"

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