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Science Writing Workshops

I never expected to be a writer. At school, I didn't even know science writing was a proper job. I want to change that for the next generation!


Audience Type: KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, SEND, families

Audience Size: ideal = 30, maximum 60

Duration: 50 minutes, with writing to be completed afterwards. Teacher support materials provided.

Venue: Classroom, library or hall - tables needed for the writing task. Students will need access to the internet or library books for their research.

In these "author visit" workshops, students learn about the surprising diversity of science writing, through my experience writing for science centres, learned societies and the children's magazines Whizz Pop Bang and Aquila. I then set them a challenge to produce their own short piece of science writing.

There are two workshops:

Mythbusters researching a topic and creating a class set of quiz cards (approx 100 word student writing)

Animal Facts researching facts about animals to produce fact cards for a classroom display (1-2 sentence student writing)

The workshops were developed with the support of the National Literacy Trust and Linnean Society, as part of their Science Writers In Schools, Literacy for Learning strand. I am extremely grateful for their training and support throughout the process. It was fascinating to think about my work in a different way, and how that can be used to inspire a new generation of writers.

If you'd like a whole school event for primary, please get in touch. The cost structure for these is different to a day of science shows, please contact me for details. 

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