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Dr Sarah Bearchell, scientist, #womeninSTEM, science presenter, sciwnce wirter, children, adults, families
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Dr Sarah Bearchell

Winner of the Joshua Phillips Award for Innovation in Science Engagement


I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of scientific exploration. I develop activities which engage on many levels, from the purely sensory to the National Curriculum. I have a passion for making science workshops which appeal to pupils with additional needs and disabilities (SEND) and am learning Makaton to support this work #WeTalkMakaton. It's a work in progress!


Most of my writing and presenting work is with children in Early Years, Primary, SEND and Family groups.


I write for myself to deliver but also for others, including a fantastic collaborative project with Winchester Science Centre (Wonderseekers), which is currently in the development stage!

I am based in Oxford, UK.

As a freelancer, I've worked with many different charities and organisations, including Lightyear Foundation, Winchester Science Centre, Institute of Physics, The Royal Institution, BBC Learning, Whizz Pop Bang and Aquila Children's Magazine. And don't forget all those lovely science festivals!

My best compliment came from an initially reluctant pupil who said at the end of a session "I love it when we don't do work!"

hands-on science for pupils with special needs. Picture shows The Cloud Factory, Big Bang Fair, NEC, Sarah Bearchell
Children wearing Furchester Hotel (muppet) masks for taste testing at  CBeebies Big Day Out
science of food from Plate to Poo at CBeebies Big Day Out, Sarah Bearchell. image shows Sarah with her hand in a bucket of fake poo
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